Sunday, September 7, 2008

the poster~~~~

my 1st poster~
the description :
As my tag line, the reason why I wrote that because in any relationship, we will love each other. If we try to be friend with nature, automatic we will care and protect it. Just being friend with nature, we already reduce the deforestation issue. I used shake hand as my theme because relationships start with shaking hand. The background I used black to make more effect and focusing on shaking hand between human hand and nature hand. My poster maybe look simple but it meaningful and can make people alert about deforestation issue.

last step

arrow A is used to type is call as type tool (T)
arrow B is to fill the color inside the alphabet
arrow C is the color of the line for the alphabet
arrow D is type of font
arrow E is size of font
arrow F is align make those alphabet in center..

for fill color the gradient is C : 3,14% M : 21,18%, Y : 45,49%, K : 0,39%
for stroke color the gradient is C : 25,53%, M : 38,43%, Y : 96,86%, K : 9,8%.
the font i used is ravie n the size is 72.

step 5

i create a new layer and draw rectangle size a3 and i color it with black color as my background. i color it using live paint bucket (K)

step 4

the big leaves i used pencil tool (N), with stroke weight 4pt and i color it using live paint bucket (K). the color i used for those leaves i choose it at swatch library and i pick forest color library. of couse i only used green colour.

step 3

i color the human hand used live paint bucket (K) and the shadow of the human hand i used pencil tool (N) and the stroke weight for pencil tool is 4 pt...
the gradient for the human hand is
C : 27,45%, M : 40,39%, Y : 67,06%, K : 13,33%
the gradient for the shadow of the human hand is
C : 34,9%, M : 47,06%, Y : 68,24%, K : 23,53%.

step 2

i used pencil tool (N) to draw the leaf...There 3 type of green color that i used..i used 3 color to make the hand of leaves look real..and i color the leaves using live paint bucket (K)..the 3 type of green color is
1st one is - C : 46,1%, M : 2,75%, Y : 94,12%, K : 0,39%
2nd is - C : 54,9%, M : 1,96%, Y : 95,69%, K : 0%
3rd is - C : 58,82%, M : 1,96%, Y : 80,78%, K : 0%

i used pencil tool (N) also to draw the human hand and the gredient is
C : 34,9%, M : 47,06%, Y : 68,24%, K : 23,53%. always...we start with step 1

i make my sketch as template.